Current Exhibits

Shotguns and Speedboats: The Machine Shops of the Upper Bay, the featured exhibit of 2014-2015, spotlights the marine and boat building businesses which operated on Mill Point from the early 1900s through the late 1960s. The names of Tassey, Cranker, Fitzgerald and Lee, Hutchinson, Wilson, and VanNorman were synonymous with knowledgeable boatmen and machinists, depended upon by locals.

The exhibit is enhanced with newly discovered records and artifacts from Fitzgerald and Lee, local boat builders and leading sales representatives of Garwood boats.

The Upper Bay exhibit will close at the end of 2015 season on October 12 and will be replaced with the featured exhibit of Fitzgerald and Lee Boats.

2015-2016 ~Round the Houses Race features information, photographs and the paintings of Bill Northup and Ron Spooner to highlight the 75 mile race which was a major annual attraction in Alexandria Bay from 1936 to 1940. The race was sponsored by the Automobile Racing Club of America and was organized by brothers Thomas and William Dewart, seasonal residents of the Keewaydin Estate.

Below is one of the classic autos that participated on our opening day of this exhibit:


Permanent exhibits tell the story of River life, the unique history of the area and the development of tourism in the 1000 Islands. Local artists, craftsmen and artisans have employed their creativity and workmanship to use the River and its environs to create several industries inherent to this area. Visitors are also welcome to visit the quiet library corner.

The War of 1812: The Battle of Cranberry Creek
Parts of this special exhibit are now displayed in the stairway of the Cornwall Brothers Store Museum.

On July 21, 1813, a small crew of American privateers successfully repelled a much larger British force attempting to recapture supplies and vessels captured by the Americans on the strategically important St. Lawrence River. This minor two-hour skirmish resulted in seven dead.

The Cornwall Brothers Store
Through period photographs and small artifacts, the history of the Cornwall Brothers Store and life in a bustling riverside community is portrayed.


Adventure Town artifacts and photographs are featured on the second floor along with the Wells Collection of Thousand Islands Memorabilia and numerous displays of duck decoys and the history of boats, hotels and everyday life in the St. Lawrence River Communities.