Current Exhibits

The Pullmans in the Thousand Islands
(through September 2014)

George Pullman's Castle Rest in the Thousand Islands of New York State

George Pullman’s Castle Rest in the Thousand Islands of New York State

The Pullman family were among the first of the summer residents in the Thousand Islands region of upstate New York, acquiring  Sweet Island (now Pullman Island) for $40 in 1864.

George Pullman is most famous for his Pullman Palace Cars – railroad sleeper cars that brought a high level of luxury to travel by rail.

Publicity surrounding visits to Pullman Island by U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant and other Civil War heroes were a driving force in popularizing the Thousand Islands among the wealthy.

Castle Rest, built by George Pullman in 1888, was the first of many elaborate summer homes that showed off the wealth of their owners. Pullman would stay at Castle Rest every summer until his death in 1897.

This exhibit is inspired by the donation of a large number of photographs of Castle Rest and Pullman Island by George Pullman’s great-grandson. Through these photographs and other artifacts, the role of George Pullman in the development of the Thousand Islands as a summer resort will come clear. Enjoy!

The War of 1812: The Battle of Cranberry Creek
(through September 2013)

On July 20, 1813, a small crew of American privateers successfully repelled a much larger British force attempting to recapture supplies and vessels captured by the Americans on the strategically important St. Lawrence River. This minor two-hour skirmish resulted in seven dead. Two hundred years later, we commemorate  this event with an exhibit that reconstructs the battle through period maps and artifacts collected from the battleground.

The Cornwall Brothers Store

Through period photographs and small artifacts, the history of the Cornwall Brothers Store and life in a bustling riverside community is portrayed.